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Historical Bible Society

The Historical Bible Society contains a collection of Books and Manuscripts that spans nearly one thousand years. Our mission: the preservation of ancient scripture, dissemination of scripture and display, Christian apologetics, evidence for the Bible’s reliability, Reformation literature and Christian art. Since its inception in 2004 HBS has toured the Northeast United States at Schools and Churches reaching thousands of informationally hungry believers and nonbelievers of the Bible. Its founder, Daniel P. Buttafuoco, is committed to sharing this collection along with an inspirational historical message that will captivate you and your church.

Daniel Buttafuoco, founder of the Historical Bible Society, was forever transformed with the acquisition of his very first ancient Bible….the 1560 Geneva. In that moment, he committed to the task of preserving ancient Biblical texts & manuscripts for both study and reference. He is a regular guest on all the local radio networks, (WMCA, STAR 99.1, WLIX) as a legal authority, example of philanthropy and defender of the faith. Dan has toured the country with his traveling museum of preserved ancient Biblical texts & manuscripts with the mission of making the Word of God as accessible as possible to the people of God.

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